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Heart Song Whispers
Thoughts On Friendship and Love
Thoughts On Friendship And Love

Some days are cold and dark.
Some make us feel so alone.
Some days are hard to understand.
On those days God knew we'd need
an extra hug or two.
So he gave us friends.
So that we would always have
an angel close when we needed one.

"If you can not find a
measure of happiness in
being loved it is not the
fault of the one who
loves you."

This page is dedicated
to my friends.
Who've helped me get through
a very rough spring.
Much of the material here
is original,
some of it is not.
But it all speaks to me
of someone special in my life.
I hope it does to you too.
I hope you find
something here that will
bring light to your day,
touch your lips with a smile
and allow you to leave
with a little more joy in your heart
than you had when you came.
This is dedicated to friends.
With many thanks to mine.

Thoughts On Love

The pages here reflect
the many changes my
life has brought to me
in the past eight years. The pain
is gone, thanks to the love
and care of the people
around me. If your heart
finds itself reaching out to
the echoes of sorrow, just
remember that love and happiness
are close by. Let it embrace
you and you'll soon find that
your heart will sing again.

Thoughts On Love Shared

Fields Of Gold
The love that was.

I Forgot To Say I Love You
Memories of lost love.

You Can Never Know
Love from a distance.

I Miss You
Through the years

Hand In Hand
A wish on your special day.

For A Time
Touching souls

I Wish I Could Tell You
Musings of my heart.

Heart In The Night
Reaching for you.

Wandering Heart
Longing for a memory.

A Promise For You
My very special love.

The Music Of My Heart
a Valentine for a special love.

Waiting For Love
A slow path.

A Field Of Heather
An image of love.

When Eagles Soar
Love gives our spirits flight.

My Soulmate
Especially for Retha and Steve

Another Place or Time
What might have been?

I Remember You
In another place and time we still touch.

Wishing You Happiness
Thinking of you each day.

When we're apart
You still have my love.

Do I Love You?

Second Trust

Touch My Heart
Together we are strong.

More than just a soulmate.

Would You Ask Me To Dance?
Dance with me each night?.

Take My Hand
Walk with me on this journey.

If I Could Teach Your Heart
Let me teach your spirit to fly.

Your Journey
Finding your way.

Time To Return
Our lives touch again

Magical Night
When spirits touch.

Touching us both when we're apart.

Sharing The Magic
Magic found in every shared moment.

The Call
Unexpected but oh so sweet.

Spirit's Flight
Love's touch sets the heart free.

I Am Here For You
Holding love close to the heart.

Thank You
A message from the heart.

We have touched each other's lives.

What Makes Me Smile?
Wanna guess??? :c)

Just To Let You Know
Psssst! I have something to tell you. :c)

His smile, his touch.

The Touch Of Your Hand
A language of our own.

Why Do I Love You?
Questions and answers. :c)

Warm Thoughts

I Love You
The many facets of love.

A touch of romance

Touched By Moonlight
Shining down on us.

The Moon's Glow
It's for you and me.

A Spirit's Soul
Being touched by you.

Look To The Sky
And you'll see my love.

The Kiss
ummm..nothing more need said. :c)

Memories and Pathways
Past and future connect to you.

The Small Things
Melt a woman's heart.

Your Love
What it means to me.

And sharing it with you. :c)

My Journey
And where it leads.

In the world around me.

Beside you with love.

Come Dance
Come dance with my heart.

Saying I Love You
Three wonderful words.

Destiny's Dance
When lives touch.

Tentative Steps
Beginnings of perhaps love.

I Will Be There
A promise of love.

Come Let Me Love You
A call from the heart.

My Love
This love will not fade.

Forever Love
Loving You is forever.

Opposite Paths
Our lives, moving apart.

Loving You
What loving means to each day.

What Love is.

Slow Kiss
Love is a slow kiss goodnight.

Words that describe love.

Your Love
Thoughts about loving you.

A Perfect Day
Two lovers walking together.

Thoughts Of You
Thinking of you fills my mind.

Thoughts Of Love Lost

I Remember Love

False Spirit
Where is your beauty?.

Longing For Home
The heart remembers.

Sad Woman
A portrait of not letting go.

Lost In My Dreams

I Never Knew

Can You Hear Me?

I Remember You

The Silence Of My Heart

Your Silence
My hearts echos the loss.

Maybe some day I'll understand why you hurt me.

In search of answers.

What happened to us?

Why Do I Still Care?
Questions without answers.

The Card
A bittersweet reminder of love that has passed.

I Miss You
When you aren't here.

Not A Day Goes By
Thinking about you.

Letting Go
The name says it all.

Did You Ever Love Me
Sad Questions.

Reaching Out
But you aren't there.

Heart Whispers
The voice of my heart.

No One
No one to hear me.

But no answers.

The Letter
A reminder of the past.

Thoughts For Holidays
And Patriotic Themes

Unchallenged Grace
A salute to Flag Day.
Christmas Apart
When we can't be together at Christmas.
A Simple Christmas Wish
Short but from the heart.
Missing You This Christmas
For our servicemen
Christmas Memories
What I remember about Christmas.
Christmas Peace
May you find it inside of you.
Christmas Magic
Memories of a child.
Winter Holidays
The best part of the season.
As Christmas Passes...
Keeping the season alive.
Happy Holidays To A Friend
For Mary Lou.
Across The Miles At Christmas
To friends and family far away.
A Simple Christmas Wish
With bright smiling kittens.
Christmas Greetings
Saying hello during this holiday season.
Christmas Time
Friends make the holiday brighter
Christmas Blessings
Thanks to you, Yahya :c).
A Teddy Bear Christmas
Just for fun!
Happy Holidays
A Christmas Wish For You :c)
Merry Christmas Across The Net
From my heart to your's once again.
Merry Christmas
Seasonal greetings for friends.
A New Year
Greetings and Wishes.
New Year's Resolution
a promise to a friend.
A New Year's Greeting
Celebrate Freedom
Happy Birthday, USA.
Friendship Song
A Froggie Valentine :).
A Thanksgiving message for friends.
The Music Of My Heart
A Valentine for my love.
Will You Be My Valentine
My very special friend.
For My Valentine Friend
Will you be mine???
A Valentine
For a true friend. :c)
Thanksgiving All Year Long
Giving thanks for life each day.
Until You Return
A prayer for our soldiers.
Ordinary Heroes
With a special song for 9-11.
Honor Them - September 11th, 2001
One year later...we survive.
What Do We Do?
America Under Attack
The Firefighter
A dedication to someone very important to me :c)
and always at the top of my list.
So That We Remember.
A Memorial For America
There ARE angels among us.
Veterans Day 2001
Remembering Our Heroes
The backbone of America
For My Friends
My Thanksgiving starts with you.

Other Sites About Friendship And Love
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Thanks Angel

and Sharon Rose

Thoughts On Friendship
(Love is friendship set on fire.)

The Dreamer Within
Keep a dream in sight.

Sharing the struggles of life.

Instead, I'll Find The Best
Looking towards light instead of darkness.

An Act Of Friendship
A thank you to Char.

Keep Your Dream Alive
Dare to change the world.

What Is Friendship Worth?
For Berf and Sam.

Tiny Miracle
A celebration of new life.

They live in your heart.

Real Friends
I'm lucky to have you.

Life Gets Busy
Taking time to say hello.

Be Good To Yourself
Cherish the person you are inside.

Know Yourself
I hope you see the person I do.

If Ever
Making sure you know I appreciate you.

Descriptions of life.

A Small Thing
Making a big impression.

Inside You
Unlimited horizons

Birds Of A Feather
For a smile.

Life's Treasures
Found in fields of gold.

A Sheltering Light
Friendship gives a safe haven.

A Real Friend
A measure for friendship.

Strong Women
Thoughts on courage.

Friends That Care
Make the journey easier.

A Journey Of Friendship
For Chris

Friendship Song
"croaking" it for you.

Will You Be My Valentine
My very special friend.

For My Valentine Friend
Will you be mine???

A Valentine
For a true friend. :c)

Thinking Of You
When times are rough.

My Winter Friend
Saying hello!!!

I Don't Understand
Questions about life.

The Music Of Life
Your own song within you.

Magic Around You
Opening eyes to the world's beauty.

Waiting For The Light
It's still there.

Enter the sun.

If I Could
Even the fiercest dragons need hugs.

The Beauty Within
Opening your eyes to the world.

Powerful and remembered.

At The End Of My Day
For friends and lovers.

Wings To Fly
For those that make flight possible.

With A Dream
Endless possibilities.

Life Is
The ups and downs of living.
Heart Friends
Never being alone.
You are Not Alone
Especially for Connie and her family.
A Peaceful World
Find some small pockets of pleasure.
of the heart.
My Child
For Kath and Cami.
I Hope You Find The Magic
Dedicated to a first love.
My Friend
Promises of friendship.
It's Time To Dance
For anyone who has ever been hurt.
Sweet Wishes
For the best things in life.
Tribute To A Friend
For Miss Rebecca
Sharing A Smile
Thank you, Pokey :)
Small Steps
Making small steps count.
Hugs For My Friends
Sending you a warm hug across the miles.
It's Okay
Give yourself permission to be who you are.
Quiet Dawn
Hearing peace within.
Just Because
Some thoughts about how we grow.
Friendship Is A Wonderful Thing
The title says so much about you.
If My Heart Had Wings
The gift of love and flight.
Cry For The Children
The lost ones.
Color The World With Love
Then you'll always find a rainbow.
The Heart Has Room
Love makes the heart larger.
The Music Of Life
Thank you for teaching my heart to sing.
You May Not Know
Letting you know what you mean to me.
It's A Great Day
Because it started with you. :c)
A Promise To You
About friendship and love.
The Gift of Faith
Precious to me.
Rest With Me
Soothing comfort.
For Those You Love
Take the time to let them know.
Spirit's Song
A song of friendship and love.
Just To Let You Know
Wishing you rainbows.
Freedom To Fly
A friend's gift.
Your Gift To Me
You add so much to my life..
Changing Paths
Friends remain with us.
Who Did I Miss?
Lost opportunities for friendship.
Friendship Rose
Sending one to my friends.:c)
Sending one your way.:c)
When We Don't..
See Eye To Eye.
Hello Friends
Greeting the people you care for.
My Friend
A message for you.
Distant Friends
Remembering and smiling.
Friends Are Gifts
You are most precious and rare.
Bringing A Smile
What you bring to me each day.
A Thank You
For being such a great friend.
I'll be there when you need me.
Giving Thanks
For friends in my life.
Just to say "Hi" :c)
Friendship Lasts All Day
A shelter from the day.
What Could I Send
Something just for you.
I May Never See You
A letter about hearts.
Thank You To A Friend
For an exceptional person.
Through Friendship's Eyes
Especially for Tuesdee
Mix And Blend
A recipe for friendship. :c)
I Wish For You
Warm thoughts for my friend.
The substance of friendship.
Right Now
Someone is thinking of you.
Footprints Of Friendship
Touching Lives
Your Friendship Is A Gift
The title says it :c).
Fuzzy Hugs
Sending warm fuzzy hugs to friends.
The Star Catcher's Story
Showing friends how much they're thought of.
Thoughts About Friendship
Like the title says...:c)
It's great... because I can share it with friends.
Each Second
Starting over.
Getting mail from friends.
My Friends
It's hearts that make us friends.
My Garden Of Friends
You are a bright flower in my garden of friends.
The Light
Always look towards the light.
Walk a rainbow through the mists.
Rules to live by.
Always Look For The Best
Finding good in everything.
Be Happy
Being happy where you are.
Distances between friends.
What it takes to live.
The Dash
A guide to good living.
The Hand Of A Friend
Reaching out for an ever lasting friend.

Thoughts Of Inspiration

Small Details
Ways of knowing God is always here.
Sometimes I Forget
A reminder to say "thanks".
A Prayer
Help me remember the good...
The Whisper
The soft voice of God...
They Don't Care....
A child's questions about faith.
Sharing My Day.
Especially for Sandy :)
A Prayer For You.
For the important things in life
And A Child Asked.
Questions About God
God's Love
Especially for pet owners.
Seeking Peace
Be Positive
Always look for the best.
Thank You, God
For a gentle reminder.
Sending You An Angel
Especially with special friend)in mind :c)
Angels And Hugs
A special angel, a special hug,
for that special someone. :c)
Finding it every day.
Live Life Fully
A few thoughts about making every day count.
Thoughts about inner peace.
I Can Choose
Choices for a fuller life.
Choose To Be Happy
Make the choice.
You Still Have Hope
It lives in you.
Under Stormy Skies
For the rough days.
Never Lose Hope
Have faith in what you believe.
Take The Time
Make sure you use it wisely.
Wishing You Happiness
Warm thoughts to pass on.
The Victor
YOU are a winner!
If You Never Dream
What you can do with a dream.
Much of this is original material.
I have tried to give credit to each author
when I've been certain of who created it.
Please write and ask for details if you
want to use any of the original works by myself
or others on your own page.
Thanks :c)

Thoughts on saying goodbye

He left much too soon
Stephen G Christianson
I'll miss you, Mesawmi
A special tribute for a special friend.
Saying Goodbye
For Bev
Cry No Tears
The loss of a child...
I Am Here When You Need Me
I have no words, but offer my friendship...

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