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Sweet words whispered in the quiet of the soul.
Promises made and bonds melded.
Trust given and received.
Hearts opened and allowed to touch.

Were the words so false they could not withstand
the scrutiny of time?

Slender hopes dashed as anotherís voice
echoes those thoughts once cherished as mine alone.


Were the images false?
The dreams shared without knowledge?
Were there others in our play, on the stage, that
I could not see?
I hear another recite the lines I thought had been
written for me alone.

Did our hearts meet or was it just a game.
One played times before.
She quotes the things you said to me,
and my hopes are dashed against the reality of
what falls on my ear.

Where is the honesty in what existed.
Was it ours or was it shared with many?
Did my heart feel as one with yours while
yours was shared with others?

How could our destiny also be anotherís?
How could our fate be also theirs?
Why did you lead to me a path that was shared
and shutter my eyes until I thought we were alone?

Where was it?
Where is it?
Does it exist?
Does it have value?
I cannot tell.
I cannot see.
I cannot hear.

© Copyright Brenda Hager, August 1999
Do not use or reproduce without permission

""When the heart sings and the spirit soars,
the music of life is complete."
bkh - October 99
"Love is the music the heart sings best."
"To bring you laughter each morning and warmth at night...
would bring me joy at all hours." :c)

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