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The Rose of
                              "M,        .mM"
                                 IMIm    ,mIM"
                      "IMmm,    ,IM:000IM:0IM,          ,m"
                         "IMMIMMIMm:0IM::000IM00==mm ,mIM"
                __      ,mIM::0000MIM::00000IM:000mIMIM"
                   IM:00000000IM:000I care!0000000000000000IM,
                         ,IM". . ."IMIM". . . .,mMMMMMMMM"
                       ,IM . . . .,IMM". . . ,mMMMMMMMMM"
                      IM. . . .,mIIMM,. . ..mMMMMMMMMMM"
                     IM.,IMI"""        ""IIMMMMMMMMMMM
                    ;IMIM"                  ""IMMMMMMM
                    ""                         "IMMMMM
                                                     IMM,______   __
                                    ______      "IMM__IMMIMMIMMIMM,
                               .,mIMMIMMIMM, ,mIMM, IM".. .."IM,..M,
                             ,IMMM' . . . "IMM.\ "M,  IMM ,IM". . ../ :;IM \ M,
                           .mIM' . . .  / .:"IM.\ MM  "MM,,M". . .  /.;mIMIMIM,\ M
                          ,IM'. . .  / . .:;,IMIMIMMM  IMM,M". .  /.:mIM"'"IM,:M
                         ,IM'. . . / . .:;,mIM"  `"IMM IMMIM. .  / .mM""IMI
                        ,IM . .  / . .:;,mIM"      "IMMMMMMM,./ ,mM"M'
                        IM'. .  / . .;,mIM"          "IIMMM,IMIM,.,IM"
                        IM . . / . .,mIM"              IMMMMMMM' """
                        `IM,.  / ;,mIM"                    IIMMMII
                         "IMI, /,mIM"                   __IMMMI
                           "IMMMM"                    ''""IMMMI
                               ""                                 IMM
When the day was dark,
you brought the sun.

When the rain would not stop,
you became my umbrella.

When the cold sent shivers through me,
you warmed my heart.

When the pain settled into my soul,
you eased it's bite.

When I felt alone and scared,
you held my hand.

When the tears would not stop,
you dried them for me.

When I lost my direction,
you helped me find my way.

When I was confused,
you helped me sort things out.

When I doubted myself,
you loaned me your confidence.

When I found I could not smile,
you lifted my spirit for me.

When I learned to laugh again,
you rejoiced with me.

When the world would not go away,
you made it a better place to be.

From me to you
BKH 8/98

This is the rose of friendship.
Send it to good friends to show them you
care!! :c)

Page Copyright Brenda Hager, August 1998
Do not use or reproduce page without permission

""When the heart sings and the spirit soars,
the music of life is complete."
bkh - October 99
"Love is the music the heart sings best."
"To bring you laughter each morning and warmth at night...
would bring me joy at all hours." :c)

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